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A safety recall occurs when a manufacturer or relevant legislative body discovers a condition or defect that could affect the safety or operation of a vehicle.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recently issued a compulsory recall for a large number of car and motorbike models affected by a defect found with Takata Airbags.

In response to this recall, Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars is currently repairing all in-stock cars currently listed on the Takata Active Airbag Recalls list. Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars will not finalise the delivery of any actively listed vehicle deemed to have defective airbags, until that specific defect has been repaired. For your reference, all cars and motorbikes currently under active recall,  have been listed here: ACCC Active Takata Airbag Recalls List.

If you already own a car that is featured on this list, we recommend that you get in contact with the supplier to have the airbags replaced immediately. If your vehicle is one of the many affected, the cost of replacement will fall on the manufacturer of the vehicle — not you.

Please note that there are a number of cars listed under the future recall which may continue to be sold in accordance ACCC guidelines. Cars that are known to be subject to possible future recalls have been listed here: ACCC Future Takata Airbag Recalls List.

Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars will continue to assist customers where we can with any queries surrounding the recall. Customers with any enquiries or concerns should contact reception at Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars on 1300 301 777 for more information.

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